About Me

So why Ima Gyaru?
Ima is kind of a nickname from high school and i love gyaru fashion.
Plus it makes a super corny name 
Fun fact ima also means 'now' or 'lounge room' in japanese

About Me:
Name: Emma  
Location: Australia
Birthday: July
Occupation: Purchasing

Favourite food: Chocolate slice
Favourite Drink: Hot - Oolong tea, Cold - Cha time pasionfuit tea with lychee jelly
Alcoholic - fruit tingle teapot
Favourite colour: baby pink (can you tell??)
Ideal pet:  ginger&cream cat with blue eyes, Kawaii!!
Hobbies/Interests: Yoga, Cooking, beauty, gyaru fashion and Japan
Magazines: Cosmopolitan(Australian), Sweet, Happie nuts and Jelly

facial care: Clinique
Bath salts: Bison
Eyelashes: dollywink or Diaso
Mascara: covergirl lash blast
Eyeliner: koji line queen
Foundation: Revlon colour stay
Pressed powder: Candy doll mineral powder
Brushes: body shop, models prefer


Favourite Models:

Tsubasa Masuwaka

Aya Suzuki 
Rui Kotoboki
Emoticons: www.neskaya.com