Monday, 30 July 2012

Protecting your costume jewllery

I am a huge fan of costume jewellery, it allows you to dress up any outfit for next to nothing!
The only problem is it doesn’t last very long.

As most costume jewlery is made out of cheap metals coated in plastic or paint, the colour comes off when it comes into contact with water or chemicals in you perfumes/moisturisers.

The cheaper metals used in these pieces oxides very easily, so once the protective coating comes off they leave green marks all over your skin/clothing. While the green rust does wash off your skin pretty easily and will come off most clothing, it can look pretty sketchy.

So to help your costume jewellery last longer, follow these easy tips!

After you purchase any rings, before wearing them, wipe them down with a glasses cloth, or a tissue  to remove any dust and dirt. Then give the inside that comes into contact with your skin a good coat of a clear nail varnish. You can apply all over the ring if you want, but try to avoid the plastic stones, as the nail varnish can eat at the surface of these slightly giving them a cloudy look.

You can also do this to the undersides of necklaces and bangles, coating any of the surfaces that come into contact with your skin.

To help them last longer:
  • Spray your perfume a few minutes before or let your moisturiser dry completely before you put on any of your jewellery. Also spray your perfume on spots you aren't wearing jewlery, so if you are wearing a bracelet on your wrist, put your perfume on your elbow crease instead.
  • Always take your jewellery off before washing your hands, showering or swimming as the water and soaps can deteriorate the coating.

Happy Accessorising!!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Sponsored - Dermalogica Launch Party

On Wednesday night i was lucky enough to be invited to  the Dermalogica Launch Party at their flagship store in Crows nest, Sydney. Below are some photos of the Launch and a sneak peak of some of their new products.

The Launch party was for Dermalogica’s new and improved daylight defense range; breaking 'new grounds with advances in UV protection and skin health discoveries.' 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

H&M is Coming to Australia ( Melbourne and Sydney!!)

Many of you would have heard of H&M or seen it when travelling overseas. H&M is a hugely successful Swedish retailer which offers affordable Fashion and basics. Not long after Zara took the plunge to come down under many other overseas fashion mega brands have announced that they too will be opening larger stores in Sydney and Melbourne. (Yay Sydney as well for once!!!)

Rumours have it that mega retailers H&M, Japanese Brand Uniqlo, Forever 21, Victoria Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch are all staging off against each other for prime Sydney and Melbourne retail space. With all the Giants looking to score the Emporium site in Sydney and a place in Chadstone Shopping centre in Melbourne.

With most of these brands looking to open a mega store here (think the multi level Zara stores) that they are well known for overseas. Here's hoping that H&M and Uniqlo win! 

Unlike Topshop, H&M has not set a final opening date, but is looking to hit the same August-October mark as Topshop.

The only thing is where is the emporium site in Sydney? 
Looks like we have some very exciting Christmas shopping ahead of us! What brand would you love to see come down under?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

NOTM - Bombshell red

OPI muppets collection in Wocka Wocka! and Excuse Moi! with Canmake gel volume top coat.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Zap that Zit Before The Day is Up

Luckily I rarely get pimples, but lately due to over consumption of sugary products... i have found a few pimples (or zits if your American) on my forehead.

So first off Blemish on your skin is your bodies way of telling you that there is something off internally (i.e. your diet, illness or maybe its just that time of month) and always make sure you wash your make up off and let your skin breath! So before you start stocking up on expensive and harsh blemish fighting products you should look at these areas first.

One product i love is the Witch skin care (short for Witch Hazel)  Naturally clear blemish stick. Its an all natural blemish fighting stick!

It comes in this small push up tube, it works just like a push pop (just don't eat this one) the actual stick is the same colour as the casing, aquamarine with a very mild alcohol smell. You can dab this on both under and over your make up as it works to absorb excess oil on your skins surface and kill bacteria.

You can apply this as many times as you want throughout the day, so if you've got a big event coming up you can pop it in your purse and apply as needed. And don't worry it doesn't leave behind any residue.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Priceline - Beauty is in the bag

Priceline have recently been running these beauty is in the bag promotions, where if you spend around $50 on selected brands you can pick a up a huge goody bag full of full sized products, discounts and samples.

I was really tempted to get the hair care bag when they had it, but just couldn't justify spending $50 on hair products when none of mine are even close to running out. This time around i actually needed some face wash and it really is hard to spend $50 at priceline! so i picked up the beauty bag.

And OMG i have to say you get soooo much in the bag! everything is full sized and good products, you kind of expect them to give you some discontinued lines or some less popular products, but they didn't. If they do have another beauties in the bag, or you local priceline still has a few of these i really suggest getting one! you will have enough beauty products to last you a year!

I think i will keep some of these for a blog giveaway in the not to distant future...