Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Review - Kiss Nail Dress nail stickers

Recently when i went to priceline to stock up on a few beauty basics i spoted these new press on nail stickers. I love nail art and use to get my nails done every month, but it was just way too expensive for me to maintain.

I love the sally hanson nail stickers as an alternative to professional nail art they are super easy to use and last up to 2 weeks, but the only problem is the lack of designs and all the designs are 2D.

The Kiss nail stickers have two types of stickers 2D ones like the sally Hanson ones (some are exactly the same!) and a diamante range, which i was very keen to try.


The instructtions are pretty much the same as the sally hanson ones where you press the sticker onto your nail and file off the excess. However these are actually stickers! the sally hanson ones you can stretch out to fit your nail perfetly, while the kiss ones don't stretch so you really have to pick the stickers that are the perfect size or slightly smaller, i would avoid picking stickers that are slightly bigger then your nail surface as they are not alteration friendly!

Overall they are fairly easy to apply, but again because they are a solid sticker and have no give, the more curved your nails the more you will get puckering at the tips. It actually reminds me of contacting school books when I was in primary school.

The packet states that the stickers will last up to 10days but are easily removed by peeling them off. I thought this was rather contradictory, long lasting but easy to remove.... hmm i think not

They do stay on fairly well for a few days about 3-4 but after that you will start to notice that the ends will lift  especially if you have puckering. but they will still stay on for a few more days. Depending on how much your hands come into contact with water, the stickers will last for around 7 days max. They do tend to get caught on clothes, hair and pretty much anything once they have started to lift

One thing which i absolutly hate about them is the taste! i know that sounds super wierd, you probably all thinking, umm i  don't think you were meant to eat them!but when you eat something with your hands, flossing your teeth and what not they put this horrid toxic taste in your mouth which is really hard to get rid of.

also something to note, you can't extend the life of the nails by applying a top coat, the nail polish actually eats away at the sticker. Not very attractive, think potato chip packet in the oven look.

Overall pretty much the only thing that i do love about these is their designs, i don't think there suitable for wear everyday. they are more suited for a one off wear for some event.

I much prefer the Sally Hanson nail stickers, there isnt much difference in price, with Sally Hanson at $17.95 and Kiss nail stickers at $13.95. I would much rather fork out the extra $$$ to get the better product.

Rating: 1/5

Give it a miss

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New hair!

As some of you already know, i got my hair done at the end of last week. It took me ages to get my hair redone after that horrible experience where the hair dresser dyed my hair green! mainly because  i had to let my hair heal, because she seriously damaged it and i wanted to try and get most of the green out first.

This time round i went to John Brennan in Chatswood, they did the best job! they were super friendly and really helpful. i wanted to get two shade of highlights put in my hair, and they were so good with what two shades would work best with the colour my hair was and my skin tone.

It is so rare to actual see a hairdresser that knows what they are talking about. I was pleasantly surprised.
I went for a medium - dark ash blonde this time, and i actually really love the colour on me.

 I'm also loving the braided bun look atm as well.
Sorry for the bad lighting, the lights in my room have blown, again!

If you live in Sydney i would defiantly suggest trying the John Brennan Salon in Chatswood, they are soo good, especially for the price! And ask for Sunny, best colourest I've had!

Oh and for info on how my hair went green read this post:

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sydney Harbour ~~PIC HEAVY~~

Last night i was lucky enough to get some tickets to the Magic show the Illusionists, it was a pretty good show, although i would say it was more comedy then magic. Still it was a pretty good night.

The show was in the Sydney Opera house, so as i know most of you are from overseas i thought id share some photos of Sydney harbour with you.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Inspo - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Fashion

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has certainly been busy over the last two months attending numerous events in America (article can be found here: http://tokyofashion.com/rune-boutique-kawaii-fashion-6dokidoki-kyary-pamyu-pamyu/) which has seen her popularity increase all over the world.

I thought id do a quick KPP Fashion update as she seems to be appearing not only in Harajuku fashion  magazines and sites but also in/on the Shibuya gyaru ones aswell, her fashion can be a little too out there for me most of the time( i'm not a big fan of DOKI DOKI 6%), but i love her cute girly looks.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mazu crepe

Me and the boy decided to check out mazu crepe this weekend. So anyone whos been to Japan will know that these crepe places are everywhere! They serve super cute and tasty deserts, and it has been so long since ive had one.

The shop even has the plastic models like the ones in Japan.

Making the crepes above, i love watching them :-) Not so keen on the shirts tho...

My Boyfriends go the Lamington strawberry crepe and i got the Banana brownie one. Both tasted good and just like the ones in Japan. Oh how i wish i back in Japan.

But be warned they are super messy to eat! 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sponsored review - Hamilton Sunscreen

Now that summer truly is here it is time to slip, slop, slap.

A lot of people choose to forgo sunscreen in order to get a tan, but what they don’t realise is the damage the sun’s rays are doing to their skin. Exposure to the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays will dry out your skin, cause premature ageing, lead to sunburn and worst of all skin cancer!

You can still achieve a nice sun kissed glow even while using sunscreen, so don’t think that if you apply you look like a freaky snowman all year. But with so many sunscreens on the market how do you know which one to choose?

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Review - Daiso charcoal pore cleansing masque

Awhile ago when Daiso first opened its Sydney store in Chatswood i bought this charcoal  pore cleansing masque.

The masque comes in this small squeezable tube with English and Japanese instructions on the back. Gotta love bilingual packets!

The masque is a very thick sticky black gel, which dries when its contact with the air so you just peel it straight off, no need to wash your face afterwards!

I wouldn't recommend putting it all over your face as it will tend to pull your fine facial hairs off with it, ouch!

It is a great masque for clearing out any black heads you may have on your nose, a super cheap and fun alternative to to the boré nose strips.

And as for the smell, there is no charcoal scent, i actually think it smells slightly like cucumbers.

Rating: 4/5

Friday, 6 January 2012

Snowflake says - Blog giveaway

Hey everyone,

Amanda from snowflake says is doing her first blog give away!

The prize include a OPI Muppets nail polish pack and 3 inglot eye shadows.

To enter click the link below:


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Summer is finally here!

So summer has finally arrived, after what has been the wettest and coldest summer in Sydney for years, we have finally had a few good days of warm sunny weather.

Only problem is im back at work full time :( But my boyfriend was super nice the other day and surprised me after work and took me to the beach after work. It was so nice just to enjoy the last few hours of sun after a hard days work at the beach.

Here's some photos of the beach just before sunset...
(its defiantly not the nicest beach in Sydney but its nice and quiet)

Monday, 2 January 2012

Review - Missha Lipstick and Blush

Here is the review of the other two Missha items i bought at the boxing day sales. There really isn't much you can say about a blush and lipstick so i've combined the two reviews.

First up  i got the sweet line blusher in No. 2 Fresh Cot, its a pressed powder in a mixture of three colours: peach, orange based bronzer and a white highlighter. You can also get it in a pink based one and a multi coloured one. I just chose the peach one because it suits my skin tone better then pink based ones.