Friday, 25 November 2011

Do not go to Christopher Hanna Platinum!!

Over the weekend i went to get my hair done at Christopher Hanna
I've been dying my hair blonde for years! and it was time to touch up my roots and lighten my colour a little coming into summer, so i booked an appointment for a half head of foils and a cut.

The Salon was fairly busy which is always a good sign, but there also seemed to be a lot of stylists running round doing nothing...

I was seated a soon as i walked in and offered coffee or water, but wasn't given or offered any magazines which is always a bummer.

The stylist used a scalp bleach as foils and only applied it to the roots, so i got no colour through the rest of my hair... i would've asked for a tint/scalp bleach if all i wanted done was my roots.

They then left it in too long leaving the bits they had dyed white, while the rest of my hair was a medium blonde. And then had to tone my whole head (which costs extra!!) to even out the colour.

The bad hairdressing skills didn't end there, they applied the toner wrong (i'm not a hairdresser so i don't exactly know how they did this, i'm guessing they just mixed the product wrong) and i ended up with a dull greeny brown tinge all over my hair!!

I've washed my hair multiple times with deep cleansing and silver shampoo to try and remove this colour but nothing seems to work

SO you will never believe what they said to me when i asked them to fix it......

Seriously worst customer service in the History of the world!!!

'you must've put something in your hair that reacted with it'   so its my fault it went green???
Then  'The water changed the colour of your hair'    ....?
and worst of all 'stop moaning about your hair and wasting our time'

Seriously NEVER go to Christopher Hanna!!!

I know have to make time to go to another salon to get my hair fixed, coz I'm not going to walk round with weird Green hair!

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