Friday, 11 November 2011

Review: Candy doll - lip gloss macaroon pink

I purchased the candy doll pink macaroon lip gloss recently, I thought it was going to be a nice light pink judging from the pictures on pretty much every website.
When it arrived I was surprised at how how strong and how patent the colour was! I was hesitant to try it, as super pink lips was not the look I was going for.

I actually found you only really need a dab of the gloss to completely cover your lips, so you end up with a light translucent veil of pink, not like you’ve gone and stuck your lips in a fairy floss machine. 

The packaging is simple, and the size is nice and compact so you can easily keep it in your bag.

The gloss appears to have a sticky consistency in the tube, but it actually dries really nicely on your lips. Its not sticky and yet it doesn’t dry out leaving cracked bits of colour on your lips. I think im in love!

I'm not a fan of the applicator, its too big making you use too much product at a time, with this type of gloss too much product causes it to sink into the creases in your lips. YUCK! I used the applicator to dab a small amount on my top and bottom lips and then spread it out with my finger. It will be sticky at first, but dries in less then a minute, to more of a lipstick consistency.

This is actually probably one of the best, no scratch that THE BEST lip gloss I have tried!
As for how it lasts, I wore it to work and didn’t need to reapply until after lunch.  It doesn't leave huge lip stains on glasses either but water does seem to be its weakness, making it start to feel a little sticky again. so be careful after drinking not to lick your lips! you may just get a mouth full of gloss.

Swatches, the deep pink on the left is straight out of the tube, while the translucent pink on the right is the gloss rubbed in. You can also see the small amount of glitter that the gloss contains in the right swatch.

I got mine from as they have a decent Cndy doll range and offer the best prices. If they are sold out you can also get them from this eBay store which always seems to have them in stock and for only a few dollars more.

Score: 5/5

I will defiantly buy another one in a different colour!

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