Thursday, 3 November 2011

bath salt review

 Over the past few months i have been trying a few different bath salts, some moisturising, sweat baths and relaxing salts.

Here is just a quick review on the products I tried:

Description: ' Bison Bath Additive 7 Hot Spices is enriched of 7 Hot Spices and Hot Spring Minerals. It generates moderate heat for rampant sweating, draining away waste and fat. It also works to moisturize skin for a soft, smooth and clean appearance. 60g '

Not my favourite Bison Bath, I was hoping for more of a sweating effect with this one but i found it to be rather mild. Bath salts had a nice smell but disappeared somewhat when added to the water.

Description: ' Bison Bath Additives (Rose Champagne) is enriched of skin-care elements such as rose hip essence, rose extract, hot-spring mineral, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Take a hot bath and your skin becomes soft, smooth and clean. The bath water becomes champagne pink in colour when the bath salt is fully dissolved. 60g'

Loved !! this bath. Beautiful colour and smell, the bath turned a milky light pink colour with what started out as a kind of artificial grape smell to a soft floral fragrance once in the water. The bath had a mild sweating effect, which is perfect if you still want to lie back and relax in the bath. the milkiness of the bath water slowly disappeared during the bath, at first coating my skin in a silky layer before it was absorbed. The bath left my skin feeling so soft and moisturised. Will defiantly buy this one again!

Descirption: ' FITS ATATAME-BIJIN Ginger & Citrus Bath Additive contains 7 kinds of hydrating ingredients from Japan and China as well as sea salt, a disinfecting and astringent ingredient. Mix it with hot water and bathe to moisturize your skin gradually while sweating a lot. 50g '

I loved the smell of this bath, very refreshing! It says 'sweating a lot' but i would say its more of a mild-medium sweat bath, a little bit of sweating but nothing like this is really hot. I bought the matching cream fro this bath, absolutely love the smell, don't get turned off by the ginger part, its a more a very light citrus fragrance. Reminds me of Summer. But definitely not the nicest bath colour!

Description: 'FITS ATATAME-BIJIN Sake & Sakura Bath Additive contains 7 kinds of hydrating ingredients from Japan and China. Mix it with hot water and bathe to leave the body warm and the skin smooth. 50g'

I found this bath had a minimal heating effect, but it isn't meant to be a full on sweat bath. I loved the smell of this bath, the fragrance was light and natural. The moisturising effect wasn't that great either, but i love the smell so i might buy it again because of that.

i Forgot to take a picture of the salts for this one, so just the packet will have to do.
Description: ' Bison Funwarich Mousse Bath, Pudding forms a creamy mousse veil on skin, tenderly wrapping skin to infuse the potent ingredients. Skin becomes dewy and supple. In addition, softening ingredient is contained to remove dead skin, revealing the bright and smooth appearance. It comes with a thread of delicious pudding scent which releases your soul. It makes an enjoyable bath! 30g'

I hated this one!! its a fluro orange colour which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't leave orange marks all over my bath!! I had to scrub down the bath and myself to get rid of the orange residue left behind. Apart from that the bath was thick and had a super caramel coffee smell the entire time which hung around the bathrrom for days. It did moisturise my skin but the moisturising  effects really aren't enough to make me want to buy it again.

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