Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing day sales haul

Every year i go boxing day sale shopping, i love getting some of the one day only bargains.
This year i thought the sales were pretty lacking, most of them started before Christmas so they only had the odd stock left (the large sizes and strange colours). Plus i don't think i have ever seen Sydney so crowded! you could hardly move!

If i am here next year i think i will probably give it a miss. I didn't get very much this year, but i thought id share with you what i got, everything was 50% off except the Missha make up which was 20%.

What i bought in the city: Missha items had 20% off: primer, blush and nude lipstick. I absolutely love all three of these, i tested them out today, best primer ever! and a pair of suede nude Siren shoes, look fantastic with fake tan.

The shoes and Missha items again, plus what i got in Chatswood.
 Super basic top, with cute frills from Kookai to wear to work.
Gold earrings from my absolute favourite store, Mouche.
And a Lush gift set which and their Daddy-o violet shampoo which is meant to be pretty good.

The little red bottles are some Christmas themed body wash from Bath and Body works which my Friend visiting from LA gave me, got these while boxing day shopping so i added them to the haul shot.

Reviews of the Missha and Lush items to come.


  1. I feel special to be included in this post!

  2. awhhh, jealous. wish we got missha here. lovely pumps, by the way! can't wait for them reviews :3

  3. both Missha reviews are up:

    You can try Yesstyle.com and sasa.com
    They usually have a few items in stock, and they ship to most countries.