Monday, 12 December 2011

Review - BRTC gold caviar bb cream

This review is long over due, i bought this quite awhile ago off

BRTC and this cream imparticular seemed to be one of the most popular bb creams on the market. As i am fairly new to bb creams i thought it was best to try a few well known brands to start off with. Another reason why i got this one is because it is meant to be one of the darker bb creams on the market.

This cream has a ridiculously high spf of 50 and also boasts skin whitening, moisturising and anti aging effects.

I like the darker colour of this cream, so it is great for summer when you are a little bit more tanned. unlike most bb creams it has a light liquid texture and because it is more of a liquid then a cream, it is super easy to spread and blend in.

I did find this cream to be a lot oiler then other bb creams i have tried recently, so it needs a little while to set and you defiantly need to apply a powder on top.

Another disadvantage caused by the oiliness of the cream is it does tend to come off in the heat quite easily and go a little oily on your face. It will stay on well if you don't stay outside for too long tho... This is a huge downside for me, as i bought this to wear in summer (30degrees+ weather).

So i still kinda like this product, but will probably try a lower spf one in their range which should hopefully be less oily.

Rating: 3/5

Not for those of you with oily skin! For the rest of us, keep some blotting paper on hand when the temperature rises.

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