Thursday, 5 April 2012

Canmake Melty Nude Lipstick 01 review

I have always wanted to try one of Canmakes Melty nude lipsticks, as they boost moisturising properties, and as someone with dry lips this always sounded very appealing.

If you havn’t heard of Canmake, it is a Japanese drug store cosmetics brand, it would be kind of like the equivalent of Australias here.

So I finally gave in when I was in Hong Kong and Bought one for around $8AUD, which is a pretty good price for a lipstick. The range comes in a few different colours, with a nudes, pink and a peach colour. Lately I have been moving more towards the nude lip look rather then the baby pink lips I usually go for.

at first look the lipstick is a good size, with a cool diamond pattern on the actual stick, which I have now come to hate as it makes asmotth application impossible. The product does have the normal constancy of a lipstick but it doesn’t seem to seap into the cracks on your lips as much as anormal lippie will.

I did find that it coms off fairly quickly tho, so you do need to reapply it every 2 hours or so, which does get pretty annoying.

Colour wise, it is a true nude colour, maybe a bit dark for my skin tone but I still rather like the colour.
Over all there is nothing special about this product, I’ll definitely use it but its not worth repurchasing.

Rating 2/5

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