Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Review - Organix nourishing coconut milk

As I bleach my hair a lot, my hair is very damaged and is prone to dry ends and breakage. I love products like argan oil which is super moisturising and very good for your hair when you get the pure argan oils (like Moroccan oil).

However, there are two problems with argan oil, 
  1. It is a very heavy oil, so wearing it everyday really makes your hair look flat and limp and 
  2. The dark yellow colour can leave lighter blonde/silver hair with some brassy tones.

I have been looking for an alternative that I can use on the ends of my hair and wear everyday. I heard a few people have started using coconut oil, which is a clear lightweight oil.
Coconut oil has been getting such a good rep lately for all kinds of beauty delimas and it makes a good alternative to olive oil for cooking.

I decided to try out the Organix cocnut hair oil, which comes in a small pump bottle, 118ml for about $18. The  brand includes  vanilla oil, and argan oil range of shampoos and hair serums each boosting slightly different benefits.

The coconut milk serum is meant to moisturise and reduce hair breakage without weighing your hair down. Perfect for my hair!

I tried it out first with only one pump (plenty for my fine hair, but thicker hair might need two), the serum smells so nice and instantly paints a picture of a tropical beach in your mind. The serum is a lot lighter then argan oil so it is easier to distribute through your hair. I followed the instructions and put it through my damp hair and let it dry naturally. Once my hair had dried it felt so soft, like after a salon vist and it wasn’t flat  or limp from the serum at all.

This oil is definitely more everyday friendly, smoothing out fly aways and with out leaving your hair sticking to your face, definitely  worth the price.it is a must try for any one with dry and damaged hair that finds other oils just weigh your hair down.

Rating: 5/5

I would love to try the vanilla extract oil to see how these two products differ, but I will definitely be adding this to my everyday hair routine!

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  1. Try TIANA Organic Fair Trade Argan Fresh Coconut TLC. It has a mixture of coconut oil and argan oil to make an amazing intensive hair treatment. It has hidden the appearance of all my split ends and has given me a salon finish to my hair, right at home. only £12.99