Monday, 30 April 2012

Dove's Ad Makeover campaign

Dove has recently launched its Facebook Campaign 'Ad Makeover' Dove has designed a Facebook app which lets you replace unwanted Facebook ads with those of positive body image messages.

I personally think its a fantastic idea! All too often like i'm sure many women do, i have a 'fat' day, where i just feel so blah and the idea of wearing anything figure hugging or remotely tight make me just want to crawl up in bed and face the world another not so fat day .

And when you are bombarded by weight loss ads all over the internet and super skinny airbrushed models everywhere you look, its no wonder many of us suffer from the dreaded 'fat' day.

You can view the campaign video below and i encourage all of you to give it a go, send some much needed love to other women!

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