Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New hair!

As some of you already know, i got my hair done at the end of last week. It took me ages to get my hair redone after that horrible experience where the hair dresser dyed my hair green! mainly because  i had to let my hair heal, because she seriously damaged it and i wanted to try and get most of the green out first.

This time round i went to John Brennan in Chatswood, they did the best job! they were super friendly and really helpful. i wanted to get two shade of highlights put in my hair, and they were so good with what two shades would work best with the colour my hair was and my skin tone.

It is so rare to actual see a hairdresser that knows what they are talking about. I was pleasantly surprised.
I went for a medium - dark ash blonde this time, and i actually really love the colour on me.

 I'm also loving the braided bun look atm as well.
Sorry for the bad lighting, the lights in my room have blown, again!

If you live in Sydney i would defiantly suggest trying the John Brennan Salon in Chatswood, they are soo good, especially for the price! And ask for Sunny, best colourest I've had!

Oh and for info on how my hair went green read this post:


  1. It's looks gorgeous and totally natural!

  2. Thanks Jenny!

    They use Wella colours, they always look super natural and wont damage your hair too much.