Sunday, 8 January 2012

Review - Daiso charcoal pore cleansing masque

Awhile ago when Daiso first opened its Sydney store in Chatswood i bought this charcoal  pore cleansing masque.

The masque comes in this small squeezable tube with English and Japanese instructions on the back. Gotta love bilingual packets!

The masque is a very thick sticky black gel, which dries when its contact with the air so you just peel it straight off, no need to wash your face afterwards!

I wouldn't recommend putting it all over your face as it will tend to pull your fine facial hairs off with it, ouch!

It is a great masque for clearing out any black heads you may have on your nose, a super cheap and fun alternative to to the boré nose strips.

And as for the smell, there is no charcoal scent, i actually think it smells slightly like cucumbers.

Rating: 4/5

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