Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween! Some Halloween Gyaru Fashion Inspo

Some Halloween Themed Gyaru Fashion shots to keep you entertained.
I'm loving this two toned hair trend!
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Makanai Ramen Noodle House - Chatswood

Me and the Boy decided to check out the new Concourse area that recently opened up in Chatswood and grab some dinner at one of the new restaurants. The actual concourse area looks pretty nice,perfect for an after dinner stroll, with a little pond and grassed area. at the moment its just a few restaurants next to the library and concert hall, but it should have a few more cafes and little shops in a few months.

We actually walked across the street to check out a new Japanese restaurant Makanai, I had seen a few ques outside this place for their dinner service so we thought it would be worth checking out.  It was definitely the right choice the food was fantastic!!!
Bowl Decoration which spans the entire length of the restaurant

The restaurant has traditional Japanese Ramen and udon noodles as well as some Don (rice dishes) and bento boxes. The staff are really polite and friendly and if your like me and are completely indecisive they let you know what the most popular dishes are and what combination of soup and broths work the best together.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Review: Jurlique Herbal recovery range

This product comes in small white pot with black lid, the cream is lightweight and soft, again with a light natural floral scent. The cream is absorbed fairly quickly, so there is not sticky residue that will rub off on your pillow like a lot of night creams. My skin is probably in the wrong age group for a product like this.
I have been using the Jurlique herbal recovery range for about a month now, so I thought I’d post a review on the products now, as it always takes a while for the effects of skincare to be seen.
I bought the herbal recovery gift pack as part of an early Christmas special, very early!! It came with three products:

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Model Co - Online stores special launch discount

Model co has just launched their brand new online store. To celebrate the launch of the store living social has this deal running:

To celebrate the launch of cult Australian beauty brand ModelCo's all new website and online store, they've teamed up with LivingSocial to offer you the ultimate beauty indulgence. For only $29, you get $60 to spend on ModelCo products. If that's not enough (when is it ever enough?) and you're a devotee of the brand recognised globally for innovative and sophisticated beauty products, you'll be happy to know that $49 gets you a $110 voucher and $69 gets you $160 to spend online. ModelCo enjoys a huge following locally and internationally and is the name on celebs, beauty editors, models and women of the world's lips... and bodies, lashes, legs and faces! From the LASHWAND Heated Eyelash Curler, to the very first Tan in a Can, ModelCo has created beauty trends worldwide! Want Dannii Minogue's lusty lashes? As the winner of 'Top Lash Secret' at the Harpers Bazaar UK 2011 Beauty Hot 100 Awards, FIBRE LASH (value $48) will treat you to voluptuous, clump-free lashes. Or get a natural golden glow all year round with one of ModelCo's best-selling tanning range, including award winning Tan Airbrush in a Can ($19.95 - $35). Sharpen that index finger and get clicking before your picks sell out.

To purchase follow the link below:

Its a great chance to test out some of their range or to stock up on your faves!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Kyary Pamyu - PONPONPON

I found this music video of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu while looking up gyaru videos on youtube.
She is absolutely adorable! and the song is so catchy! seriously it will get stuck in your head, ive been singing it in my head for days.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a new Japanese singer, she is 18years old and as you can tell is very out there with her Fashion sense. She has featured in quite a few Harajuku, Lolita goth magazines and is some what of a Fashion icon for those styles now. 

Se is also super cute! and has her own line of eyemazing lashes.

I've  added some photos of her below

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Eki Blog sigma giveaway

I follow allot of gyaru, make up and Fashion blogs. One of the blogs i follow has just announced a Sigma brush set give-away.

Eki has a fantastic blog, she is a make up artist from America and blogs mainly about Japanese make up and other beauty products. You should Defiantly check out here blog, Link to the competition:

Sigma brushes are really good quality and such a good price compared to a lot of high end make up brands brands like MAC. To Check out there full range of products click the link below:

What is the Competition? (Following is directly from Eki's blog)
One winner will receive your own set of Make me Cool-Aqua brush set! Same set of brushes that I have used in this tutorial! ^__^

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Major Lust - HTC Rhyme

I saw this phone while browsing the internet and it truly looks to be a girls best friend! although there marketing it as being uni sex.

From the website:
Simplicity is true luxury. HTC Rhyme offers a smart, elegant design.Listen to your favorite music with the stylish wired headset. When you need to charge your phone, do it in style by placing your phone into the docking station, where it transforms into an alarm clock and music center. Never miss a call with the HTC Rhyme Charm, which attaches to your phone and emits a soft glow when you receive a call or text message.HTC Rhyme offers a unique camera with instant shutter and a great lens to capture those memorable moments whenever they arise even under low light conditions. The Action Burst Scene automatically takes five shots of a scene, so you can choose the best one or even all of them before you share online. And Portrait mode adds a beautify skin effect that makes your skin appear smoother when you take the shot.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Product Review: O&M - seven day miracle moisture masque

I got the O&M (Original and mineral) seven day miracle moisture masque for free with my last hair appointment, probably because i spend too much money there!

I've mentioned before that i dye my hair blonde, which has really damaged my hair. Its not that it feels coarse, but the hair does tend to break a fair bit.

I'm always up for trying different hair masks, and beauty products that are free from harsh chemicals so i i am really looking forward to using this one. All O&M products are natural, that is they are free from things like sulfates and parabens. A lot of the product range has won awards, this particular one has one for 'Best new product'.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Review - Daiso Lashes Type D

I used one of my new Daiso lashes over the weekend, volume long, straight type D.
They come in packs of two, no glue included.
They are of course plastic, what can you expect for $2.80, have a narrow black strip.

Click below to read review

Friday, 14 October 2011

Casual Work look

Summer casual work look

New Mouche Jewelery, Cotton on Singlet, Yesstyle Blouse.
Makeup - Natural look: covergirl lash blast mascara, Koji linequeen, Revlon colour stay foundation.
Rimmel Fruities nail polish

(Sorry for the Dirty Room in the background, i always fall behind my cleaning during the week.)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Daiso Opens in Chatswood!

I was lucky enough to check out the new Chatswood Daiso store today for its pre-opening. the Store opened its doors from 12pm-2pm offering shoppers the chance to win a $1000 voucher and a goodie bag with each purchase.

I absolutely loved 100yen shops when i was in Japan, they sold everything! and all so cheap. I was super excited to check out the Australian store. The Australian version sells everything for $2.80, because of exchange rate shipping, Australian wages/rent and so on.
But still $2.80 is pretty cheap!

The shop itself is nothing special, cheap plastic racks and fittings, narrow aisles, but it is huge and stocks just as much stuff as the 100yen shops in Japan. I was disappointed about one thing though, no food! I was looking forward to getting some cheap yummy Japanese lollies or chips. I'm not sure if this was because they hadn't put this stock out yet, as some of the shelves were empty, or their just not planning on selling the food here.

To see what i bought, click below

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Gyaru Fashion Inspo - Pic heavy

Some Gyaru Fashion to help you move your Winter wardrobe into Summer.
A mix of models, real girls and magazine shots

Monday, 10 October 2011

Summer time tanning

Now that summer is almost here, which means shorter skirts and shorts and showing of those parts of your body which haven't seen daylight for months!

If your anything like me (as white as snow!) fake tan is a must in summer.

Me and my and my friend who is also a devotee fake tanner have been swapping tanning super finds and horror stories for the past few years. And with both of us starting our summer tanning regime, I thought I'd share some of the really good products out there.

Most Loved
#1 - St Tropez mousse
The St Tropez range is so good! it gives you a super dark tan quickly and easily, because the tan is green based you will never end up looking like you lost a fight with can of paint. I used to use the lotion from this range, where you leave it on overnight and wash off any excess the next day, but of course this lead to my sheets being forever stained a weird brown colour. St Tropez is also quite expensive, but one bottle is usually enough for a summer.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

bareMinerals Foundation Review

I picked up my bareMinerals sample mineral foundation on Thursday night and wore it to work on Friday.

The sample is pretty small about the size of a 20 cent piece. The brush that comes with it, although miniature! was actually pretty good quality. I might actually keep it in my hand bag for touch ups.

The foundation itself is lightweight and easy to distribute over your skin, when i picked it up the girls at the Kit counter explained that you really have to mix the product in the lid before apply to ensure it does go on smoothly.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Daiso Chatswood

As some of you may know Daiso is a Japanese 100yen shop (or as it will be in Aus $2.80 shop).
They sell a whole bunch of products from food, stationary to cosmetics.

I am so excited for the opening of their Chatswood store later this month! It should open in the mandarin centre  on the ground floor. It looks a pretty decent size ( not as large as some of the store in Japan) and hopefully carries a good range of products. They already have two stores in Melbourne but i haven't heard much about them yet.

The Daiso brand lashes which come individually with glue, are some of the best quality lashes you can get. Granted their not natural fibres like Dolly Wink, but they are super easy to apply and i actually prefer the Daiso glue to the dolly wink glue.

I have just had so many problems with the dolly wink glue coming off after a few hours, where the Daiso glue stays on all day and all night! They both dry clear but the Daiso one dries a lot faster, which means less chance of the corners coming unstuck.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Rimmel - I heart fruities lasting finish nail polish - Review

I am such a sucker for advertising! 

I couldn't resist trying out Rimmel's cute nail polishes which are meant to have a slight fruity smell. And Priceline was out of my favourite Sally Hansen polishes.

I was in a rather summery mood today, even though it was raining all day, so i got these two bright coloured polishes:
025 Strawberry fizz
053 Apricot punch

You can see what they look like on, should look better when i have a bit more of a tan in summer.
The colours are very bright and strong, but still require two coats, so you don't see the white tip of your nail through the polish.

There not the easiest polish to apply i had some problems with streaking, but after two coats its not noticeable.

The Smell:
the polish itself, straight out of the bottle doesn't smell, except of nail polish, but they actually do have a fruity smell after they have dried. It took about 1/2h for the polish smell to subside so you could actually smell the fruitiness. The strawberry one smells so nice and is a fair bit stronger than the Apricot one, they remind me a bit of lipsmackers. I've only had it on for a few hours and the fruity smell is still there, i wonder how long it will actually stay.

Overall i like this product, the bottles are nice n small that you can restock with different colours when the seasons change and they are nice and cheap (about $5 a pop).

Only one thing left to see, the lasting effect...

Rating: 4/5

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pantene night miracle - Review

Pantene was kind enough to give me a bottle of their new Night Miracle serum to test out.

My hair is super dry and damaged from bleaching it blonde for years!  so I am always super keen to try out anything that will add moisture or protect my hair from further damage.

I will start by saying i am not a big fan of Pantene products and never really have been, i always found that they leave my hair oily and doesn't actually clean the hair properly. But with all this promotion of a new formula for Pantene it might not be the product i remember.

Click below to read the review

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Freebies!! Kit- bareMinerals

For those of you who live in Aus:

Kit cosmetics is giving away free sample of their bareMinerals foundation for everyone who likes them on Facebook, and who doesn't love a freebie!

I've been wanting to try a mineral foundation for ages now, can't wait to pick up my sample on Thursday (woo late night shopping)

Will post a review once ive used for everyone else thinking of buying this product/mineral foundation.

Monday, 3 October 2011

MIA - Trip to the Blue mountains

As some of you may  know  This weekend was the labour day long weekend here in Aus. WOOO 3 day weekend!!
So me and my boy decided to take advantage of this and go on a 3 day holiday to the blue mountains, only about 1.5- 2hours drive out of Sydney, so perfect distance for a weekend trip.

Last time we went up we stayed at the Falls Mountain retreat, loved it last time so why change a good thing.
I forgot to take a photo before we dumped all our stuff in the room, so here is the shot from the website, which is a very accurate representation.

The hotel is super comfy and great for winter time with a fireplace and two person spa bath which has views over the bush.

The Falls mountain retreat is in Wentworth Falls just next to Leura and about 10mins from Katoomba. Wentworth Falls has the most amazing bush walks with views of water falls all along the walk.