Thursday, 13 October 2011

Daiso Opens in Chatswood!

I was lucky enough to check out the new Chatswood Daiso store today for its pre-opening. the Store opened its doors from 12pm-2pm offering shoppers the chance to win a $1000 voucher and a goodie bag with each purchase.

I absolutely loved 100yen shops when i was in Japan, they sold everything! and all so cheap. I was super excited to check out the Australian store. The Australian version sells everything for $2.80, because of exchange rate shipping, Australian wages/rent and so on.
But still $2.80 is pretty cheap!

The shop itself is nothing special, cheap plastic racks and fittings, narrow aisles, but it is huge and stocks just as much stuff as the 100yen shops in Japan. I was disappointed about one thing though, no food! I was looking forward to getting some cheap yummy Japanese lollies or chips. I'm not sure if this was because they hadn't put this stock out yet, as some of the shelves were empty, or their just not planning on selling the food here.

To see what i bought, click below

I did get a small haul, it was hard to have a proper look around with  the store being so crowded today.
Left to Right: Laundry shaped wash bag, Handbag sized tissue packets, Cooling bath salts - citrus, patterned masking tape (Freebie), Eyelashes 2 separate brands, Blue patent make up pouch, Cotton squares, Heel inserts, Hair drying turban. Middle section left to right: Blackhead mask, Silk blotting paper, clear eyelash glue, Surprise teddy bubble bath (Freebie)

A close up of the stuff your really interested in. The eyelashes actually seem really good, granted they are plastic, but all three are a good length and style. The D, F type probably feel a little softer and have a smaller band. I thought id test the Daiso cooling baths against the new Bison ones. The Daiso eyelash glue is a must! they have Clear/white, black and clear. I prefer it over dolly wink glue, it stays alot better.

I will post a Full review of the Blackhead mask, bath salts and eyelashes later.

The store will open fully tomorrow, Friday 14/10/11

Overall LOVE the new store!

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