Thursday, 27 October 2011

Review: Jurlique Herbal recovery range

This product comes in small white pot with black lid, the cream is lightweight and soft, again with a light natural floral scent. The cream is absorbed fairly quickly, so there is not sticky residue that will rub off on your pillow like a lot of night creams. My skin is probably in the wrong age group for a product like this.
I have been using the Jurlique herbal recovery range for about a month now, so I thought I’d post a review on the products now, as it always takes a while for the effects of skincare to be seen.
I bought the herbal recovery gift pack as part of an early Christmas special, very early!! It came with three products:

Herbal recovery Gel

This product is raved about on beauty forums as a miracle gel, helping to soften and improve your skins appearance. I’m always a bit sceptical about these claims, as no product is going to radical alter your skin, Only changes to diet and exercise can really do that, which unfortunately requires a lot more effort.
The product claims to soften and hydrate your skin, reducing signs of aging and pores. The texture of the product is almost like a serum, with a milky white colour. There is a soft natural floral fragrance which slowly fades so it doesn’t irritate the nose.

Herbal Recovery GelOn first use the product noticeably softened the skin, giving it a smother texture. I did experience some mild irritation on my cheeks after using for about a week, as I have very sensitive skin. I find because of my sensitive skin this product is better used as a night cream after removing my make up rather than as a daily moisturiser, as it just doesn’t give enough hydration for me, causing my skin to become irritated.

After a month my skin is actually super soft and I have started to notice a slight reduction in my pore size. I use the product about 4 times a week as night cream, alternating it with my super hydrating sleep in mask. Overall I love this product and it is well worth the price.

Moisturising factor: 1/5
Pore reduction: 5/5
Skin softening factor: 5/5
Irritation: 1/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

Herbal recovery night cream

Herbal Recovery Night CreamI find it works a lot better as a quick recovery cream, if you’ve been eating junk or had a few late nights which will make your skin appear older the cream helps fast track your skins recovery.

Moisturising factor: 1/5
Pore reduction: 5/5
Skin softening factor: 5/5
Irritation: 0/5
Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Overall I don’t think you really need to invest in both the recovery gel and the night cream, they both offer the same benefits but in slightly different concentrations.

Herbal recovery eye gel

Herbal Recovery Eye Gel
When you see the size of this tiny pump bottle, you will be like ‘omg that little thing costs how much??!?!?!’ ($52 for 15ml)
But you seriously use the tiniest bit, like the size of a pin head is sufficient to cover your under eye area. I don’t really have any problems with puffiness under my eyes and only occasionally have light under eye circles. So I can’t really boast any real benefits of this product, as any changes are so slight.

Rating: 2/5

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