Thursday, 6 October 2011

Rimmel - I heart fruities lasting finish nail polish - Review

I am such a sucker for advertising! 

I couldn't resist trying out Rimmel's cute nail polishes which are meant to have a slight fruity smell. And Priceline was out of my favourite Sally Hansen polishes.

I was in a rather summery mood today, even though it was raining all day, so i got these two bright coloured polishes:
025 Strawberry fizz
053 Apricot punch

You can see what they look like on, should look better when i have a bit more of a tan in summer.
The colours are very bright and strong, but still require two coats, so you don't see the white tip of your nail through the polish.

There not the easiest polish to apply i had some problems with streaking, but after two coats its not noticeable.

The Smell:
the polish itself, straight out of the bottle doesn't smell, except of nail polish, but they actually do have a fruity smell after they have dried. It took about 1/2h for the polish smell to subside so you could actually smell the fruitiness. The strawberry one smells so nice and is a fair bit stronger than the Apricot one, they remind me a bit of lipsmackers. I've only had it on for a few hours and the fruity smell is still there, i wonder how long it will actually stay.

Overall i like this product, the bottles are nice n small that you can restock with different colours when the seasons change and they are nice and cheap (about $5 a pop).

Only one thing left to see, the lasting effect...

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Hey I agree to wht you said about these polishes i recently bought the apricot one that I am currently wearing right now lol i know right but i have tanned skin so its all good and I am def going to get the strawberry one too these colours are so bright and are def perfect for the summer or spring i think.