Sunday, 30 October 2011

Makanai Ramen Noodle House - Chatswood

Me and the Boy decided to check out the new Concourse area that recently opened up in Chatswood and grab some dinner at one of the new restaurants. The actual concourse area looks pretty nice,perfect for an after dinner stroll, with a little pond and grassed area. at the moment its just a few restaurants next to the library and concert hall, but it should have a few more cafes and little shops in a few months.

We actually walked across the street to check out a new Japanese restaurant Makanai, I had seen a few ques outside this place for their dinner service so we thought it would be worth checking out.  It was definitely the right choice the food was fantastic!!!
Bowl Decoration which spans the entire length of the restaurant

The restaurant has traditional Japanese Ramen and udon noodles as well as some Don (rice dishes) and bento boxes. The staff are really polite and friendly and if your like me and are completely indecisive they let you know what the most popular dishes are and what combination of soup and broths work the best together.

Kitchen, you can seem the chefs prepare all the food,
Every now and then you can see a flaming wok, which is pretty entertaining.

My boyfriend ordered Wagyu don, which he liked, the beef was so soft and almost melted in your mouth which Wagyu beef should. We shared a plate of Gyoza  you get six on a plate they are a little on the small side, but they are just a side dish and the taste is amazing!, they are soft and have a small amount of juice inside so when you bite it its just like a burst of happiness. After much debate over what i should get, i decieded on the Karage chicken ramen with tonkotsu broth.

Karage Chicken ramem
Wagyu don

Sorry my boy attacked the gyoza before i could take a picture. The Karage Chicken Ramen was super tasty and filling! i'm always reluctant to order udon or ramen noodles from Japanese restaurants as some places seem to serve you warmed two minute noodles YUCK!
But this was so good the chicken was moist with a slightly crunchy shell and the noodles, shock horror, were REAL noodles!

The serving sizes typical of a traditional Ramen noodle house are more then enough for one person. I saw a group of girls behind us sharing two bowls between the four of them, because they were so big. The prices are pretty good as well considering how much you get, at about $12-18  a bowl

I will defiantly be back!

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