Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pantene night miracle - Review

Pantene was kind enough to give me a bottle of their new Night Miracle serum to test out.

My hair is super dry and damaged from bleaching it blonde for years!  so I am always super keen to try out anything that will add moisture or protect my hair from further damage.

I will start by saying i am not a big fan of Pantene products and never really have been, i always found that they leave my hair oily and doesn't actually clean the hair properly. But with all this promotion of a new formula for Pantene it might not be the product i remember.

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The serum is designed to be put on before bed and moisturise throughout the night, with no stickiness or residue left behind in the morning. The instruction state 2-3 pumps, but as my hair is very fine i used only one to begin with.
Above is one pump of product, its not what i would call a serum as its a little thick. Its a bit more of a cross between a serum and a cream. Because it is a little thicker it doesn't spread quickly and evenly through your hair like an oil would and it did leave a bit of a feeling of having a hair mask in.
The product also has the typical old school pantene smell, which makes me question whether there really is a new formula...

I was surprised in the morning to find that that the hair mask feeling was gone, so it really does sink into your hair (no residue on my pillow either). But i would't rate it the best in actual moisturising effect, even though i only put in 1 pump my hair felt slightly oiling and heavy, but didn't look or feel healthier.

The product is probably more designed towards those with thicker hair, alot of prosucts just weigh down my super thin super fine hair.

Rating: 1/5

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