Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Review - Daiso Lashes Type D

I used one of my new Daiso lashes over the weekend, volume long, straight type D.
They come in packs of two, no glue included.
They are of course plastic, what can you expect for $2.80, have a narrow black strip.

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They feel a little stiff but once you break them in a bit their actually really flexible, more rubbery then plastic.
I quite like the feel, the more plastic ones can end up irritating my eyes with the solid bands.
The lashes are called 'Volume Long' but there more a mid-long length lash which works out even better.
Too long always end up making you look like a drag Queen!!

I found the actual length, the length of the band was shorter than most lashes, I didn't have to chop any off the ends to get them to fit to my eye.

I have small eyes, so if your going for the full Gyaru look with overhang you might need to look at a different brand, or sub Daiso brand.

Below is how i wore them, for a lunch out with the boy

 Make up used:
Daiso lashes and clear glue,
Eye liner -  Koji line queen,
Mascara - Maybelline turbo volum' express (i like to use bristle brushes to blend my lashes with falsies)
Eyeshadow - too faced natural eye pallet, silk teddy
Bottom lid eyeliner - Loreal pencil perfect, Ebony

Rating: 4/5

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