Friday, 7 October 2011

Daiso Chatswood

As some of you may know Daiso is a Japanese 100yen shop (or as it will be in Aus $2.80 shop).
They sell a whole bunch of products from food, stationary to cosmetics.

I am so excited for the opening of their Chatswood store later this month! It should open in the mandarin centre  on the ground floor. It looks a pretty decent size ( not as large as some of the store in Japan) and hopefully carries a good range of products. They already have two stores in Melbourne but i haven't heard much about them yet.

The Daiso brand lashes which come individually with glue, are some of the best quality lashes you can get. Granted their not natural fibres like Dolly Wink, but they are super easy to apply and i actually prefer the Daiso glue to the dolly wink glue.

I have just had so many problems with the dolly wink glue coming off after a few hours, where the Daiso glue stays on all day and all night! They both dry clear but the Daiso one dries a lot faster, which means less chance of the corners coming unstuck.

These are the Lashes that i Bought from Daiso when i was in Japan (i bought a whole bunch of spares coz i loved them so much) They all have black bands and need to be bent a bit before wearing.
i would defiantly recommend:

#1,4 for a more natural elegant look - medium length and light to medium thickness.
#16 for a bit more of a going out look, but again the length and thickness are  makes them look more on the natural side.

I absolutely hated #10 , only wore it once and it just looks so unnatural and plasticy and the length is way too long.

Golden Rules for Eyelashes:

  1. Always trim to your eye length, 
  2. if your going for a Gyaru look the over hang should only be about 2-3mm long before your eyes start to look super droopy,
  3. Work you way from the inside of the eye outwards,
  4. More glue is always better

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