Saturday, 22 October 2011

Major Lust - HTC Rhyme

I saw this phone while browsing the internet and it truly looks to be a girls best friend! although there marketing it as being uni sex.

From the website:
Simplicity is true luxury. HTC Rhyme offers a smart, elegant design.Listen to your favorite music with the stylish wired headset. When you need to charge your phone, do it in style by placing your phone into the docking station, where it transforms into an alarm clock and music center. Never miss a call with the HTC Rhyme Charm, which attaches to your phone and emits a soft glow when you receive a call or text message.HTC Rhyme offers a unique camera with instant shutter and a great lens to capture those memorable moments whenever they arise even under low light conditions. The Action Burst Scene automatically takes five shots of a scene, so you can choose the best one or even all of them before you share online. And Portrait mode adds a beautify skin effect that makes your skin appear smoother when you take the shot.

You can see in the picture the tangle free headphones, docking station and the light up attachable cube. 

I love the idea of the light up cube you hang outside your bag, I can never hear my phone ring through all the stuff i keep in my handbag!

I currently have the original HTC desire phone which i love, nothing has ever gone wrong with it. Its so easy to use and customizable. 

The HTC Ryhme will retail for $600-700AUD and will be sold via Optus. Unfortunately i am with Vodafone, so i might have to wait awhile before they offer it on one of their plans....

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