Saturday, 8 October 2011

bareMinerals Foundation Review

I picked up my bareMinerals sample mineral foundation on Thursday night and wore it to work on Friday.

The sample is pretty small about the size of a 20 cent piece. The brush that comes with it, although miniature! was actually pretty good quality. I might actually keep it in my hand bag for touch ups.

The foundation itself is lightweight and easy to distribute over your skin, when i picked it up the girls at the Kit counter explained that you really have to mix the product in the lid before apply to ensure it does go on smoothly.

The foundation only gives a very light coverage and doesn't really even the skin tone at all. I have very sensitive skin, which can become blotchy and red on my cheeks sometimes, this foundation didn't cover it at all!

I also wouldn't recommend it for people with super dry skin or someone trying to cover wrinkles as it seeps into cracks in your skin making them more profound. you  can see this a bit in the swatch i did on my hand.
I made it a bit larger so you can see it, and put a few layers of it on so you could see it in the shot.

I'm defiantly not a fan of this product after trying it, as I'm really after something to even my skin tone. Where this product really blends into your skin colour, so redness still seems to show through.

Its more of a foundation for people whose skin is quite good and they don't wont to ruin it by slathering on foundation every day.

Rating: 0/5

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