Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Product Review: O&M - seven day miracle moisture masque

I got the O&M (Original and mineral) seven day miracle moisture masque for free with my last hair appointment, probably because i spend too much money there!

I've mentioned before that i dye my hair blonde, which has really damaged my hair. Its not that it feels coarse, but the hair does tend to break a fair bit.

I'm always up for trying different hair masks, and beauty products that are free from harsh chemicals so i i am really looking forward to using this one. All O&M products are natural, that is they are free from things like sulfates and parabens. A lot of the product range has won awards, this particular one has one for 'Best new product'.

Straight up i'm not a fan of the bottle! its hard to squeeze, which is really going to cause me grief when its close to empty. But the flat top does allow you to invert the bottle when its close to done, which might overcome the problem of squeezing the product out.

The cream its self smells so nice! its like a cocoa butter and vanilla smell. its super light weight and distributes through your hair really well. It does leave the hair feeling nice and soft, and because it is very lightweight my hair doesn't feel oily or dirty straight after i've used it. I hate hair masks that leave an oily residue in your and make it feel like you have to wash it again.

I think the product retails for around $30 in most places.

Tip: my friend who is a Hairdresser told me once that if you want a really intense moisture mask placing a hair oil like Moroccan oil under a hair mask and a hot towel on top will really intensify the mask. You just need to set aside a little more time if you want to do this.

Rating 4/5

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