Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Review - Sasatinnie bb cream

Recently i bought the Sasatinnie bb cream off sasa.com, for around $10USD. Coming into summer here i really wanted to get a lighter foundation with a really high SPF to wear during the hot sunny summer days.

The cream is a very light beige and a thick sunscreen like consistency, making it a little hard to blend in. I got the unfragranced version but even this one seems to have a slight floral fragrance and sunscreen smell to it.

The product does boast about whitening your skin, and it does do it pretty well because of the very light colour of the cream and the high spf rating which reflects light off your face making it appear lighter.

Although it does only offer a very light coverage, with only a little reduction in redness. And with the thick consistency it is quite hard to layer it to increase the coverage.

one thing i loved is that it does dry very quickly and evenly, so you can apply powder on top instantly. The fragrance fades after a few hours which is good, because it actually irritates my nose a little. I have found now that the product has been opened for a few weeks, that the products fragrance has faded.

Swatches: blob of product, then half rubbed in on the right (you can see it is very reflective!)

This product does have some benefits: quick drying, no greasy feel or appearance, long lasting.
However, it does have a strong fragrance for a facial product, minimal coverage of redness and marks.

Depending what you are looking for, this could be a pro/con: slight whitening effect

This isn't my favourite BB cream, but would be really good for those looking purely for a face whitening cream.

Rating 2/5

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  1. I was just looking for a review about this BB Cream... I'm SASA-window-shopping right now and still looking for a better deal on BB creams. I like the price though! Thanks for this review, I think I might just pass. :)