Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Audrey inspired hair

Audrey Hepburn inspired hair

I love Audrey Hepburn, she is absolutely gorgeous! and her style was so elegant and timeless.

So as it is summer here and wearing your hair out is not really a sensible option most of the time and pony tails and buns just get a bit boring. I love to pull my hair back into this Audreyesque style, its super easy, take about 2 mins and is perfect for the office!

So the whole idea is to sweep the hair back with an elevated crown.
If your going to wear this style all day i defiantly suggest back combing the top section of hair.
 How to:

1. Divide you hair into 4 sections, top, 2 sides and a back. If your hair is super thin like mine you probably don't need the back section.
 2.Grab the top middle section of your hair, this is what you will sweep over to get the 'bump'
3. Back comb or tease the bottom side of this section, if you are after more height you can back comb the hair at the crown of your head as well.
4. holding the top section at the crown of your head sweep the hair left at either side back and up to meet it.
5. the back: you can finish however you like by twisting your hair into a bun, or just securing it with a butterfly clip.
I like to get the shorter sections at the front and work them free so they can sit around my face.

Sorry first Hair tutorial, so hopefully i made some sense...

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  1. so pretty! i'm definately gonna try this :)