Thursday, 29 December 2011

Review: Missha BB Boomer

Hey Everyone,
So as most of you know i bought a few Missha products at the boxing day sales, this is the first review for the BB boomer cream.

I already hinted that i love this cream and after using it a few times, i really can't find anything wrong with it! Definitely a great buy. I have been using the Mac prep and prime before this one and i HATE it!! worst primer, it does absolutely nothing for your skin, it kind of makes me feel like im just paying for glitter.

The cream as its name suggests is a primer for bb creams or as im using it as a primer for foundation. It boast a moisturising effect and more radiant skin.

First impressions: the cream is very light weight and silky. It comes out of the tube somewhat quickly in a very thin line (not sure if that makes sense... but see picture below) which is good because you really don't need very much.

I love how this cream sits on my skin its so lightweight and it creates a kind of veil over your pores, so your skin is left with an almost airbrushed look. And it doesnt leave any residue 'so your foundation goes on perfectly.

The Cream is a white colour but when rubbed in slightly it gives a kind of pinkish glow (very hard to capture on camera) which i think is what helps it give you that slight airbrushed look. 

As for helping your foundation last longer, it really does help. Your still left with perfect foundation at the end of the day. It does moisturise your skin a little, but definitely not enough to skip your normal moisturiser (especially if you have dry skin like me)

If there was one beauty product that id say everyone should have, this would be it!

Rating: 5/5

For those of you who don't have a Missha store nearby, you can try:

Both websites have a limited range, but they usually stock the bestsellers.

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