Monday, 10 October 2011

Summer time tanning

Now that summer is almost here, which means shorter skirts and shorts and showing of those parts of your body which haven't seen daylight for months!

If your anything like me (as white as snow!) fake tan is a must in summer.

Me and my and my friend who is also a devotee fake tanner have been swapping tanning super finds and horror stories for the past few years. And with both of us starting our summer tanning regime, I thought I'd share some of the really good products out there.

Most Loved
#1 - St Tropez mousse
The St Tropez range is so good! it gives you a super dark tan quickly and easily, because the tan is green based you will never end up looking like you lost a fight with can of paint. I used to use the lotion from this range, where you leave it on overnight and wash off any excess the next day, but of course this lead to my sheets being forever stained a weird brown colour. St Tropez is also quite expensive, but one bottle is usually enough for a summer.

#2 - Le Tan Bronzing Mousse (Deep Bronze)
Also another super easy product to use, the coloured mouse lets you see any spots you've missed or spots you might have paid a little too much attention to. I don't really like any other products from this range and definatly wouldn't recommend using the lighter version, it just means you have to apply more of it and more often. There are two major pluses with the Le tan mousse,You can reapply it about 2 hours after your first coat and about 4 hours after your second coat, perfect if you have an event the next day. The other plus is the price! super cheap!

#3 - Palmer's cocoa butter gradual tanning moisturiser
This product is perfect for building a gradual tan, if you don't want people to know your fake tanning or if you just want a summer glow. It doesn't really go orange, and it is a moisturiser so its good for your skin. I also kinda like the smell, it has more of a cocoa butter smell then a fake tan one. One fault of this product is that it does take awhile to dry and develop, so a big no no to apply before going anywhere!

Most Hated

#1 - Garnier ambre solaire range
This range probably is the best smelling fake tan! i actually really love the smell of it, but it goes super streaky and orange. It's fine for applying one layer of tan , but begins to show more  n more streaks as you build the tan, also slowly leaning more towards orange than brown. As it is a moisturiser based one as well it take awhile longer to dry, meaning you have to avoid light coloured anything for a few hours.

#2  - Face fake tanners
This is more a personal thing for me, but i feel that they always end up uneven and come off super patchy!
Also my sensitive skin really doesn't like them. i prefer to just use bronzer and a foundation that is a shade darker than my skin tone.

#3 - Dove tanning moisturiser
I just feel this one takes way to long to build any sort of a tan, and it seems to take forever to dry! This tan also has a real fake tan smell.

Golden Rules for Fake tanning:

  1. Always exfoliate before starting a tanning regime, this helps to prevent streaking and dark patches.
  2. Always wear gloves, i just use disposable rubber gloves.
  3. apply tan sparingly to hands and feet
  4. Moisturise! it helps the tan last longer and look more even when it starts to come off.

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