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Sponsored Review - Pricelines Hello Kitty line

Priceline  very kindly gave me a pack of Hello Kitty goodies a few days ago and with their super cute packaging I was very keen to try the products.

The package contained: two eye-shadows, 1 pressed powder, lipstick,pencil and a liquid eyeliner, lip balm and a nail polish. All the packaging has a super cute hello kitty design, which make them hard to resist. But  I have always thought that these types of products, ones endorsed by a cartoon or similar are have fairly cute packaging but the product itself is very lacking!

I have tested out the products that priceline sent from this range and was pleasantly surprised by some of them!

Hello Kitty Pressed powder

Firstly the pressed powder, which comes in a small metallic pink tin with a engraved hello kitty face on the lid. I was sent number 02 Rose, which is actually very close to m skin tone so definitely usable for me.

The case has a mirror inside, but no powder puff or brush, which was a little disappointing. But I was surprised at how well this powder actually worked, its easy to distribute over your face and how the product was sensitive skin friendly, with no irritation or redness caused by applying it.

The powder goes on smoothly and gives a light to medium coverage, with no really heavy powder look. And with the uber cute packaging, this one is definitely worth a try.


I was sent two eye-shadows, a metallic gold and a duo with a metallic grey black and pearl. Both eye-shadows came in clear plastic snap lock cases with a black hello kitty face on the lid, fairly plain packaging compared to some of the other products.  The colours have fairly good pigmentation , giving a nice colour with one stroke.

They are actually pretty decent eye-shadows and will definitely be used.


The lipstick comes in a rather small size, almost half that of a standard lipstick (think half the size of Mac’s lipsticks) so great for carting round in your handbag and again comes in a metallic pink case with an engraved hello kitty face on the lid. I have noticed in priceline stores that there are two different toned cases, which differentiate between the matte and moisturising lippies.

The lip stick I got was a dark purple colour, HK07-01 Violetta, which I was rather reluctant to try, thinking it would just make my lips bright purple! But it didn't it actually gave minimal colour with just a little bit of a reddish purple tint. It was more like a tinted lip balm than a lipstick. It does wear fairly well, with the colour staying put for a few hours.

Works great if your after a small amount of colour, and some moisturising.

Eye liners

I was also sent two eyeliners, one liquid and one pencil both in black.the pencil has a hello kitty pattern pressed all around the pencil, while the liquid one comes in a small black and hot pink case, which I think is my least favourite packaging of the range The liquid liner is a dip in brush type. Both are easily applied and can create a nice sharp smooth line.

Unfortunately neither the pencil or liquid are very long lasting, both wearing of almost completely within a few hours.

Lip balm

The lip balm is the product in this range which I have been eyeing off, it comes in a super cute light pink tin , with a hello kitty etched pattern. The balm itself is white and smells kind of like candy, like those tutti frutti flavoured lollies. The balm itself is smooth but has minimal nourishing and restoring properties. So despite the super cute tin, there are definitely better lip balms on the market.


Nail polish

The nail colours are super cute but super glugy! they  go on so unevenly, it'd be best to give these ones a miss!

Glitter stick

Lastly I also received a roll on glitter stick, which I honestly have to say I will never us, unless maybe for a dress up party..??

 but for those of you are interested the roller works really well evenly distributing small pieces of glitter, but the glitter is dry, so if you want it to stay on you will need to apply some sort of primer or cream to help the glitter stick to your skin, as when I did the swatch on the back of my hand, a gentle shaking was enough to remove 80% of the glitter.

Overall the range  is super cute! And has decent products, with the powders and eye-shadow's actually being surprisingly good. Powders and eye shadows are always a safe bet when it comes to these err.. quirky make up brands.

I have to say, if it wasn’t for the packaging I would say give the whole range a miss, there just isn’t anything that stands out.

Overall rating 1/5

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