Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lovin' the new eBay!

eBay recently launched it's 'Fashion Gallery', wish list and Shopping cart function as well as their deals section.

I'm not sure when each one started, but most were launched over the past few months.

The Fashion Gallery offers Branded eBay stores allowing you to purchase from brands you know ans trust.
The brands it offers are the really well known ones who have stores in pretty much every shopping centre around Aus, such as Supré, Witchery and Bardot.

I wasn't a huge fan of this at the beginning, why buy it in eBay when you can go into the actual store and try it on! But i guess it is good for people living in remote locations who can't get to the shops. However, eBay launched this sub site for the US and UK as well, allowing us to purchase from well known brands over there that wouldn't normal ship here.

Now I'm a fan!

One of the other functions launched is the wish list, where you can save items on eBay and share them with friends via email or Facebook. nothing big, but i like being able to save an item without having to 'watch' it and receive those super annoying emails informing me it is about to end, it has ended and the item has been reposted....GRRRR Spam!!!

I love!!!! the shopping cart function, where like a normal shopping website you can put stuff in your cart save it for later and enjoy a simple one payment check out process. These function doesn't always seem to be available, i don't know why but sometimes when I log onto eBay its not there...?

I did have the chance to using it the other day. I was able to buy multiple products from different sellers in the same checkout procedure, so only one payment. It makes everything super easy.

Lastly eBay has launched the deals section, where you can view all the localised deals from groupon, living social and so on on one page without having to sign up for their newsletters. I think this is such a good idea, i mean you hardly ever if at all purchase things from these sites so the daily emails just become kinda annoying! Being able to scan the deals relevant to you without signing up just gets rid  of the hassle of pressing that delete button every day.

Happy eBaying!!
From collectables to cars, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay

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