Monday, 16 July 2012

Sponsored - Dermalogica Launch Party

On Wednesday night i was lucky enough to be invited to  the Dermalogica Launch Party at their flagship store in Crows nest, Sydney. Below are some photos of the Launch and a sneak peak of some of their new products.

The Launch party was for Dermalogica’s new and improved daylight defense range; breaking 'new grounds with advances in UV protection and skin health discoveries.' 

The new range features 4 reformulated products, with UV smart booster technology which improves the UV protection the longevity and comfort of their products. Dermalogica wanted to move this range away from the stereo type of Sunscreens being thick and heavy on your skin and only being needed for the beach or on holidays; the range of products is designed to be worn every day under your make up or even as your makeup (yes that does mean tinted moisturisers).

They explained the damage daily exposure to the sun can cause and why it is important to not only wear sunscreen but to also replenish vitamins and minerals lost to exposure to free radicals. UV rays are known to cause a number of skin problems, including reddening DNA damage and the formation of free radicals. So what exactly do free radicals do?? Petty much they can alter DNA, enzyme function and other critical processes which can result in pigmentation, wrinkling, actinic keratosis and even skin cancer.

'Statistics show that the incidence of skin cancer is on the rise, and is not declining, in spite of many decades of aggressive public information campaigns about the risks of sun exposure. In response, [Dermalogica] has taken the initiative to develop products which address this risk more accurately and effectively, and which consumers will want to use daily.’

The range features two new amazing technologies UV Smart Booster Technology which is designed to protect against free radicals. It is this amazing ‘micro-encapsulation technology, which is … triggered by exposure to sunlight.’ These micro particles contain antioxidants vitamins C and E which are released when they are needed, when the skin is exposed to UV rays.

The second technology is Olemosome which is naturally derived sunscreens from vitamin E and Safflowers, allowing for a higher SPF rating with fewer chemicals, making the products perfect for sensitive skins.

Above: Super Sensitive Shield, Ultra-sensitive tint

So if you were already a Dermalogica user the old Solar orange range will be removed to make way for the new and improved products. Oil free Matte SPF 30(SRP68.50AUD) upgraded from SPF 20 will now fall under the mediBac Clearing, or the lime green range as the product is designed to fight the four main factors which contribute to adult acne. The Ultra-sensitive Tint SPF 30(SRP57.00AUD) and Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30(SRP68.50AUD) will fall under the purple or UltraCalming range, designed to reduce sensitivity, redness, irritation and inflammation.

The New range is set to hit Aussie shelves August this year. 
 I was lucky enough to get to take home a Ultra-sensitive Tint SPF 30, which even after using it just once, I have found a new favourite! Will post a full review on the product soon.


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