Monday, 30 July 2012

Protecting your costume jewllery

I am a huge fan of costume jewellery, it allows you to dress up any outfit for next to nothing!
The only problem is it doesn’t last very long.

As most costume jewlery is made out of cheap metals coated in plastic or paint, the colour comes off when it comes into contact with water or chemicals in you perfumes/moisturisers.

The cheaper metals used in these pieces oxides very easily, so once the protective coating comes off they leave green marks all over your skin/clothing. While the green rust does wash off your skin pretty easily and will come off most clothing, it can look pretty sketchy.

So to help your costume jewellery last longer, follow these easy tips!

After you purchase any rings, before wearing them, wipe them down with a glasses cloth, or a tissue  to remove any dust and dirt. Then give the inside that comes into contact with your skin a good coat of a clear nail varnish. You can apply all over the ring if you want, but try to avoid the plastic stones, as the nail varnish can eat at the surface of these slightly giving them a cloudy look.

You can also do this to the undersides of necklaces and bangles, coating any of the surfaces that come into contact with your skin.

To help them last longer:
  • Spray your perfume a few minutes before or let your moisturiser dry completely before you put on any of your jewellery. Also spray your perfume on spots you aren't wearing jewlery, so if you are wearing a bracelet on your wrist, put your perfume on your elbow crease instead.
  • Always take your jewellery off before washing your hands, showering or swimming as the water and soaps can deteriorate the coating.

Happy Accessorising!!

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