Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Review - Too Faced Natural Eye Palette and Shadow Insurance Primer

I am a huge fan of Kit cosmetics and the Too Faced brand. A little while ago i couldn't help my self and i bought a Too Faced eye shadow Palette and their eye shadow primer. This is quite unusual for me, despite loving huge dramatic eyes, I've never been much of an eye shadow person.

The eye shadow palette i got was called Natural Eye - Neutral Eye Shadow Collection. One thing which drew me to this palette was how many basic neutral looks you can create and instead of offering you the same size tin of each colour they place larger tins of the base colours, which you will obviously use more of then the accent colours.

Which of course means your not going to run out of those essential base colours ages before you run out of anything else. The box also comes with a decent double sided brush and three make up look cards, with easy to follow steps. These cards are great for getting acquainted with your new colours. Personally I love just the classic day look.

The actual shadow colours are all really good quality and hyper pigmented so you always get a great colour. It is pretty much the colour you see is the colour you get. Also the top two colours, velvet revolver and sexpresso can be used as eyebrow colours, for  blonde and dark brown respectively.

Swatches of Base colours
Swatches of  accent colours, crease colours on the left and liner colours on the right.

I also picked up the Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer which is meant to be fantastic and i have to say it did not disappoint at all!

The primer has a velvety texture which glides onto your skin leaving it with a silky veil. and it really does help the eye shadow stay put all day long. For the best result I recommend apply it just before the shadow, so after your foundation and everything.

One thing which is a down side is the product can separate in the tube very easily, so when you go to use it only the oily part comes out. because it is a tube it can be difficult to mix the product back together, so you really need to shake vigorously or gently squeeze the tube (with the lid securely on) to try and mix it together again

Too Faced Natural Eye shadow Collection 5/5

  • Great colours that all work together
  • Smart move to put larger quantities of the base colours in
  • paint by numbers style make up looks
  • Decent brush included
  • AUD$60

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer 4/5

  • Keeps eye shadow on all day long
  • Product can separate in the tube, shaking before use is a must!
  • $35 

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