Monday, 24 September 2012

15 fun beauty facts

Just some Fun Beauty facts:

  1. Avocado oil doesn't just conceal sun damage, but actually reverses it - there’s no other oil in any market anywhere else in the world that does that.
  2. Benefit Benetint originally called Rose Tint, was created in 1977 for an exotic dancer as a nipple stain. Today it’s more conventionally used as a lip and cheek stain.
  3. Pores can store dirt and oil up to 20 years old. YUCK! definitely an incentive to wash your face!
  4. You are 13 times more likely to develop a nickel allergy if your body is pierced in materials like stainless steel. Once a nickel allergy is triggered, there is no cure
  5. The number of pores on your face is around 300,000, with studies showing that pores on our face typically double in size from age 25 to 50.
  6. Cleopatra used honey on her skin because of the antibacterial effects of honey
  7. Ella Baché was the first cosmetic chemist to use tomatoes in her formulas in 1936, after noticing the effect tomato extract had on the skin in young girls in Hungary.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, oil is beneficial for problematic skin. It has the ability to break down and dissolve the oil trapped in hair follicles.
  9. New research has discovered that around 1.5 million diamond nanoparticles are created every second in a candle flame as it burns. Now if only there was a way to harvest these.....
  10. A drop in female hormone levels can lead to hair thinning because it causes an imbalance in the female/male hormones ratios. The increase in testosterone reacts with an enzyme in the scalp, creating a by-product that starts to kill off the hair follicle until it falls out and affecting the follicle’s chance of re-boosting another hair.
  11. In order to enhance her looks to attract the man she was in love with, Mabel Williams applied soot from her oil lamp to her lashes to darken them. Her younger brother then formulated a safer mix of carbon dust and Vaseline which later led to Maybelline (Mabel + Vaseline).
  12. It takes six people eight hours to come up with the name for 12 OPI shades.
  13. The average age females start shaving is 15 years old
  14. Scars can take a year or longer to finish forming.
  15. Schwarzkopf launched the world’s first liquid shampoo in 1927 and the first ever crème shampoo in a tube in 1949. Imagine life before liquid shampoo!
know any more fun beauty facts? share below!

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