Sunday, 25 November 2012

NEW Dolly wink line up and revamped packaging

Dolly Wink revamped quite a while their eyeliners, both pencil and liquid and for mascara in packaging that matches the new Dolly Wink theme. The pink tube is 01 Long, and the blue tube is 02 Volume.
Dolly Wink has now come out with some new items, and revamped most of its old items to match the new Floral Otona theme, as opposed to the old pink x black polka dots.

Pencil Eyecolor, 945yen

It also comes with a cute floral lid!

Some of the Revamped Products below:


It also seems that the old 02 Crystal was cut from the lineup,

as it's no longer featured on the Dolly Wink website.


Revamp of Eye Shadow.


The old 01 Brown still remains 01 Brown.

With two new palets being added to the line, but the old 02 Gray Pink, 03 Blue Orange and 04 Green Pink have been discontinued.  I'm not sure i really like the new brown packaging..

02 Pink Brown


03 Smoky Brown

Three new eyelashes were also added to the lineup: 15 Pure Girl, 16 Dolly Mix and 17 Diamond Dolly. The old line, No.1~No.8 got revamped packaging. With three being discontinued: No.3 Natural Girly, No.6 Baby Cute and No.7 Vivid Pop.

No.15 Pure Girl


No.16 Dolly Mix

No.17 Diamond Dolly


No.4 Feminine Style

No.8 Pure Little



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  1. WAH! I really want to try the new eyelashes! They look amazing. I like the new look but I will miss the old look too :( The new eyeshadows are nice too. I really want to try number 2 the most!