Saturday, 12 May 2012

Review - Nicole by OPI nail strengthener

I bought this bottle of Nicole by OPI nail strengthener when I was in Hong Kong, I have never seen this sub brand back here in Aus and was keen to give it a try.

The polish is thick and creamy coloured, giving you a nice nude semi gloss look when worn by itself. So you can hardly tell you have anything on, would have been perfect for back in the day when i wasn't allowed to wear polish to school.

 It goes on nice and easily, no streaks, bubbles or clumps. And it stays on really well, with no flaking or peeling off.

After a few weeks of use the splitting/cracking at the ends of my nails has reduced, so i am growing them nice and long now ( which is hard because I keep breaking my thumb and forefinger on my invisaligns, grrr!!!)
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Best of all, like all OPI nail polishes it doesn't contain: FormaldehydeDibutyl Phthalate (DBP), or Toluene. The three toxic nasties usually found in nail polishes.

Product rating: 5/5

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