Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hong Kong and Macau holiday - Assorted photos ~~PIC HEAVY~~

As my twitter followers will know i recently went to Hong Kong and Macau, actually i only got back yesterday  :-s
So i am still a little tired.

I did a Fair bit of shopping and some sight seeing, Below are a small collection of pics from my trip.

Beauty and Fashion Hauls to come...

Concentrating on making my first Egg roll, yum!

My favourite store :) Would've spent all my money here except i didn't have that much cash on me that  day.

The one and Mira, two Japanese Shopping centre in Hong Kong. And yes they are completely filed with Japanese brands, a little over priced but still good!


Best food in all of Hong Kong!

Ti Chi by the Harbour

Copying the ugliest store poster i have ever seen


Random as exercising equipment in the park

'Tower to heaven' - as named by the BF

This is actually the gate to someone's house, sorry but your gate was just too cute not to take a photo of!

Pimping Wynn Casino

Definatly have to try if you go to Macau! They leave your feet  soft and smooth

Little Fish attacking my Feet at Fish Spa

Giant African fish at Fish spa


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