Monday, 13 February 2012

MOTD: dolly wink original mix and match

maybelline dream mouse foundation, candy doll mineral powder, Missha blusher


  1. too faced shadow insurance all over upper and lower lid
  2. too faced shadow in Heaven. applied up to brown bown on upper lid and inner corner of the eye
  3. Missha the style eyeliner in white applied to inner corners of the eye
  4. K-pallette 1 day tatto eyliner, applied to upper lid from begining of eyelashes(i.e. not all the way to the inner corner) with a small winged end
  5. Maybelline master liner BK-1 applied to lower water line, just past the center of the eye
  6. Dolly wink eyelashes 7 & 3 applied to top lid, with slight over hang (about 1-2mm)
  7. Dolly wink 7 applied to lower lash line

Hope you like my basic Gyaru eye look.

I have been asked heaps how to apply lashes like this so if i can get my camera to take a good enough quality video i will make a short tutorial for you. I will also put in some tips on how to get the lower lashes to sit properly, i had heaps of trouble with these at first

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  1. You are so cute and you could definitely pull of the gyaru look!

    Oh and I found you through beautylish. Hope you'd check me out. :)