Monday, 6 February 2012

Review - Golden Slim by Funaicare

I have a real weakness for slimming products, whenever i make large beauty purchases i always seem to get some product that promises to make you thin in next to no time.

The last get thin quick product i bought was Golden Slim brand Funaicare who specialise in health and weight loss products. Of course i was a little sceptical of this product and after i had purchased it i was all like why did i waste my money on yet another stupid slimming cream ?!?!?!?!!!

But i have to say i was pleasantly surprised by this product. it claims to deeply penetrate the skin to help break down fat stores (cellulite) so your body processes it as energy, resulting in an almost instant slimming and smoothing effect. The effect is meant to last for one whole day.

The gel is super light and the same kind of consistency of those dettol hand sanitisers. It is super fast absorbing and the effects can be seen in only a few minutes. You can feel the gel tightening your skin, and smoothing out your bumps.

The gel really only does last for around one day, and because of the gels alcohol rub like consistency I think it really just works on removing excess fluid from that area.

Still i really like this cream, its perfect for when you a night out in a super short dress or even if you just want to suck everything in a little bit if your going to the beach. And because its not very expensive (around $20 from its definitely worth a try.

before: middle thigh width 43.3cm
After middle thigh width 42cm -1.3cm


  • instant slimming effect
  • absorbed very quickly, no sticky residue


  • effect only lasts for up to one day

Rating 4/5

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