Tuesday, 14 February 2012

One lovely blog award

Thank you to Melissa from the budgetbeautybanshee.blogspot.com.au for this award:

The Rules
1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link back to their blog.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Name your nominated blogs. 

7 Things about me:
  1. I am currently studying Japanese, Only at beginners level at the moment but i'm looking foward to the day when i can read an entire magazine :)
  2. I love house/electro music, i hate listening to slow or sad music, i feel music should always energise you and make you feel good.
  3. I am actually a very little person, or as my boyfriend says 'only half a person', i would only be about 157cm, which is pretty short for here.
  4. I am also a bit of a nerd, so yes i do enjoy the odd computer game here or there.
  5. I love to cook, i am actually quite a good cook when it comes to desserts
  6. Kind of contradictory to the point above but one of my hobbies is nutrition, so learning about how your body process foods and what nutrients will do what for your body.
  7. Last point :) My favourite Yoga pose is Crow. Probably because it took me sooooo long to be able to do crow and side crow that i actually enjoy being able to do the full pose now.

So now the blogs i nominate are:


  1. Aw thanks! Much appreciated

  2. oo I studied Japanese too! I still find it hard to read magazines tho haha


    1. I'm only up to reading little kiddy books lol oh well hopefully not too long before i can read something a bit more in depth magazines might take awhile because of all the Kanji.

      Your from the ACT, I'm from Syd. YAY go the Aussies :)

  3. omg *_* I wish I had seen this earlier.. I haven't been on blogger in over a week. thank you so much! :D