Sunday, 18 September 2011

Koji Linequeen review

Koji - LINEQUEEN Eyeliner (Real Black)
$12.70 from

This is my all time favourite eyeliner!!!
It is a liquid pen liner with a super fine tip which makes it easy to apply and achieve the wing looks.
The eyeliner comes out faintly at first, so good for everyday/office looks and you can apply a second coat if you want a really dramatic dark line.

The eyeliner is smudge proof and waterproof, it actually stays on all day and all night. Because it is a liquid liner the colour once dry doesn't migrate around your eye area like pencil liners ofetn do.

I actually went swimming with this eyeliner on once, and it didnt run all down my face! It did fade a little but it was still in the same place i applied it.
You would think that seeing as it stays on so well itd be such a pain to remove, but it comes off easily enough with a foaming facial cleanser or makeup remover, if using facial cleanser you might need to wash your eye area twice as there can sometimes be some residue left behind.

Swatches, left is one coat, right is two coats. You can see the fine tips it makes at the bottom

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