Sunday, 18 September 2011

Review: WINK UP Perfect Style Mascara and Matsuge Gatch-ly Mascara

Here are the reviews of the two mascaras I bought from
I have never tried a fibre mascara before, so as these two were relatively cheap and I was placing an order anyway I decided to give them a go.

My eyelashes without mascara, you can kind of see that they have blondish tips
Naris Up - WINK UP Perfect Style Mascara (Black)
$8USD of

I am not a big fan of this mascara, it boasts dramatic length because of the fibres, but I found it gave virtually no length and after a few blinks it clumped my lashes. It has a very old school mascara smell, very strong and almost paint like.
It is defiantly not all day proof, not even really 5mins proof! I found i had heaps of black fibers below my eye after only wearing for a short while.

The pros are: it quickly gave my lashes a dark black colour and it is super easy to remove, half of it had already fallen onto my cheeks after an hour.
I defiantly wont buy this one again, I probably wont even use it again
I don't like how it clumps my lashes together, so they look really sparse.

Sana - GAFIXX Matsuge Gatch-ly Mascara (Clear Black)
$14USD off
Again like the mascara above fibres fell onto my cheeks, this one did last allot longer with less fibre fallage.
As it is a clear black colour it doesn't give you much colour at all, which isn't very good for someone like me with slightly blonde eyelashes. This one defiantly adds noticeable length to your lashes, and with a top coat of another mascara you can get added volume and colour as well.

This one is waterproof and I found it extremely hard to remove, it was even difficult to remove with eye make up remover. So what does stay on your lashes really stays on your lashes!!!

I liked this one better then the Naris up  one, but it still isn't my favourite type of mascara. Probably isn't worth buying again.
definite length added but you can see some of the fibres on the left, also blinked to early and it left  mascara marks on my bottom lid :(

I will probably stick to my cover girl mascara as it adds volume, colour and a little length. I have always preferred more volume to length.

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