Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Major lust - Samantha Thavasa bag

I first fell in love with this brand when i went to Japan around 2 years ago. They have super cute bags, especially their Disney/Hello Kitty collaborations.

The brand has heaps of sub brands now, Samantha Thavasa, Samantha vega, Violet Hanger and some others for their jewellery lines.

When I went to Japan they had this whole range of Mickey mouse bags, the ones with the detachable Mickey doll, which heaps of Tokyo girls had at the time, well either that or a Kitson bag.  I really wanted to get one of the Mickey bags they were cute as, but at the time the hefty price tag seemed way to much for a holiday purchase.

I'm Kinda glad I didn't get the bag, the new range are twice as cute!

Under the Samantha Thavasa brand they have launched this new Disney line with Winnie the Pooh, who doesn't love that cute yellow bear and his friends, so why not have him on your bag?

¥ 6,825-
¥ 27,300-
¥ 31,500-
¥ 6,090-

¥ 17,850-

Above are a few of the bags that i would love to get, but there pretty hard to get over here, there is one eBay shop that sells them and that will actually ship to Australia, but they have a very limited selection. Link to store below:

at time of post exchange rate: 1 AUDs = 75.70 JPYs
AUD has dropped heaps recently, especially against the Yen  =  Less online Shopping

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