Friday, 23 September 2011

Lorna Jane Haul

I was on my way to yoga after work yesterday when I suddenly realised..
I forgot to pack a top!!!
My Thursday class is an early class, so i don't have much time to run into the shops and buy a top. I was full panicking.

I quickly ran into the nearby shopping centre to Lorna Jane which luckily happens to be on the ground floor, Just love their stuff, and low and behold 20% off.
I picked the best day to forget my yoga top!!!

I got 2 tops and 3 crop tops all from the Excel range, which from the label  says:

'   Technical performance fabrics are:
shrink and fade resistant

Moisture wicking
quick drying and breathable   '

I already had 2 pairs of tights/leggings from that range and they are so good! because I do power yoga having clothes that are breathable and absorb moisture is so good, it helps to stop the sweat dripping off you onto the mat making it slippery. I would say that the price and the care instructions are a bit off putting with leggings usually being around $80, tops $60 and crops $50. They all say hand wash as well to help them last longer, but I am a bit naughty i just chuck them in the wash on a gentle cycle and they haven't been damaged... yet.

I bought the green crop with the amazing back to wear with the black top, so there is a little bit of colour. And the White plain crop top, one of the new designs with no metal clips or thick bits of material to get in the way of your shoulders which I thought would be perfect for Shoulder stands, which would look so nice with the purple top. The blue crop top nothing special there just a plain one really which could go with either top depending on how colourful I want to be.

I wore the black and green ones to the class last night. They were super comfy, the crop top didn't restrict my shoulder movement at all during class or get in the way of doing a shoulder stand. I found they were super absorbent and I didn't seem to get as hot in class.

Defiantly worth the price tag, but I'll wait till their next sale before I make another purchase!

Oh and i just managed to make it on time to yoga fully clothed, got to the door just as the teacher was closing it, Phew!

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