Sunday, 25 September 2011

Jurlique skin care

I have been reading a lot about the Jurlique brand and how its all natural skin care can be very good for sensitive skin.

Jurlique despite its French sounding name is actually made in South Australia from organic herbs and flower extracts. All their products have a light floral scent, which varies depending on what skin concern you wish to target, such as rose, lavender, citrus and chamomile.

I have been using Clinique's 3 step skin care system for a few years now and absolutely love it, the mild facial cleanser is soft enough on my sensitive skin but still strong enough to remove makeup in the shower. But after trying a few of Clinique's intensive moisture creams and a few things from their redness solutions range and finding that they really don't work at all!!! I decided to look to other brands for these more intensive moisture lotions/creams/gels.

After reading numerous reviews about different products i decided to take a look at their herbal recovery gel, a really good review can be found by Mabsy here:

the product description from the website:

The Benefits:
  • Helps revitalise and restore skin’s radiance.
  • Helps improve skin’s firmness and reduce visible signs of ageing.
  • Provides intense hydration and antioxidant protection.
The Ingredients:
  • Ginseng Root helps firm the skin, while Evening Primrose Oil that helps replenish skin’s lipid barrier, while boosting skin’s radiance.
  • Vitamins E, C and Ginkgo Biloba help to gently exfoliate, moisturise, restore and protect skin.
  • Marshmallow intensely hydrates, softens and soothes.

On to  the product I got, I went in just looking for the herbal recovery gel but ended up walking out with this three piece set, which is a super early Christmas set.
The set contained:

Herbal recovery gel, 100ml - $159
Herbal recovery Night Cream  50ml- $60
Herbal Recovery Eye Gel 15ml - $52
RRP $ 271 for only $189

It was a pretty good deal.

 The gel has a slight rose with a hint of lavender scent and is a white semi clear gel. The scent slowly fades after you've applied it, so unlike some creams your not left with this fragrance that slowly begins to irritate your nose. You hardly need any of this gel, one pump is plenty for your entire face, you might need two if your doing your neck area as well. The price may seem a bit steep for the size of the bottles, but considering you only use a drop each time, the bottle will easily last you a year.

So i know the product is advertised as a bit more of an age prevention gel then anything else but it really does leave your skin soft and moisturised. I think its perfect for a recovering from a big weekend, or a stint of neglecting your skin.

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