Saturday, 17 September 2011 Haul

Recently i ordered a huge bunch of stuff from, which is a Hong Kong based company selling a wide range of beauty and health products.
They offer two tiers of free shipping, $75USD for free standard shipping which takes 2-3 weeks or spend $150USD to get free express shipping which only takes about a week. With the range of products offered and the reasonable prices, its not hard at all to wrack up a shopping cart of $150. The products come packaged in brown cardboard boxes with packing peanuts and then wrapped in bubble wrap. It seems like a little too much packing for the size of what you order, but there is not chance anything will get damaged in transit!

I ordered a bunch of bath salts, two mascaras and my favourite eyeliner to replace my current one which is about to run out.

The many bath salts i ordered. Most of them are sweat baths. The Bison ones in the middle are my favourite, they really have nice smells, colours and a good sweat factor. I am very excited to try the step baths and the new Bison cooling baths as its almost summer here, i will post a review on some of these later, when i have used a few.

here are the two mascaras i got, both fiber ones and both have 5/5 on Sasa.
Left to right: Naris Up
WINK UP Perfect Style Mascara (Black), Sana
GAFIXX Matsuge Gatch-ly Mascara (Clear Black), Koji
LINEQUEEN Eyeliner (Real Black)

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