Saturday, 24 September 2011

OMG SASA now sells Candy Doll!!

oh geeze, I have been wanting to try some candy doll make up for ages now, but every website that sells it and ships to Australia, which is very few, seem to be very overpriced! I really don't want to pay $20 for a lip gloss.
Candy doll has just come out with a new range that I have seen Tsubasa promoting, but this isn't on yet, I've got my fingers crossed that they will get it in stock. 

I just ordered something off sasa a few weeks ago now and a i don't really want to place an order so soon, i have to try and not spend all my money.

But so tempting!

Another brand that I would love to see sold online is DUP, they make the best   natural everyday looking lashes, a bunch of nail art tools and some other cosmetics. But they seem to be next to impossible to get.

Anyone know where to get DUP lashes from?

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